We serve an exclusive, dedicated tribe of professionals in contemporary musical theatre who aspire to create the life and career they want—not just book the next gig.




This casting workshop is offered two to three times per year and is one of the most exclusive workshops in New York City. The workshop is by audition only. The Musical Theatre Forum has been running for 20 years and is a high-exposure integrity-driven workshop that incorporates a comprehensive weekly curriculum built on peer-to-peer feedback. As a team - and with the personal mentorship of your course facilitators - you will incorporate personal goals, journal assignments, structured written feedback, and industry perspectives from top Broadway casting directors to up level your professional auditions for a positive career impact. The class is limited to 12 carefully selected participants who meet for 3 1/2 hours per week for 7 weeks. All participants work one-on-one each week with the guest casting director to receive honest, specific feedback about their audition material. Every week, when not performing, you will complete structured feedback exercises for all of your peers. You will learn as much from your classmates as you do from the casting directors! Weekly homework assignments are designed to support your classmates while weekly journal assignments will clarify and guide your own personal career goals. As the casting world changes, so do the participating casting directors. Guests are never assistants or interns. All industry guests are actual decision-makers currently working on active projects.


Take control of your audition strategy. This upbeat advanced master class focuses on building a well-rounded audition book by exploring new repertoire and polishing existing material for each performer. There is a strong emphasis on finding material that supports clear casting choices for type, age, personality and voice. This class is limited to 6 participants who will each work approximately 30 minutes every week in a small and supportive classroom setting. Discussions include "red flag" songs which should be used strategically or with caution, common expectations and suggestions of casting directors, and the best/standard cuts for auditions at the Broadway level. This is a very "results oriented" class that will challenge you as an actor and singer and take your work to the next level. Best part: you'll have fun while doing it!

The POP/ROCK Intensive

The original NYC pop/rock master class - designed specifically for Musical Theater artists ready to expand their horizons. In the first part of the Intensive, you will study authentic pop styling and find material that works in audition circumstances. You will learn also how to handle rock's sometimes strenuous vocal requirements in a healthy way and practice your new skills by starting every class with Riff-O-rama, a creative riffing warmup. As the workshop proceeds, you will keep a Rock Star Journal, experiment with clothing styles and complete some outside  homework. Don't worry - it's all fun! By the end of the class, you will be able to walk into the audition room armed with at least two polished pop/rock pieces. This workshop is not for legit/opera singers or aspiring recording artists. Audition mastery for rock musicals can’t be captured with a single coaching, one technique or one teacher. It’s a juicy exploration of the very practical mixed with inconvenient professional expectations. It’s a new artistic matrix with a required toolkit that includes strategic selection, learned genre skills, powerful music cuts, disciplined research, physical freedom, deep dives into psychological landscapes—all wrapped up in lots of straight tone.

Private Coaching

VP Boyle and Aaron Galligan-Stierle offer private coaching to alumni of any MaxTheatrix workshop or by referral only. Individuals requesting private coaching must book studio space (and accompanist if necessary) in an AEA approved location. Online coaching is available via FaceTime or ZOOM pending availability. Click here to schedule a session.